Acupuncture Heart Meridian

According to the traditional Chinese description heart meridian is yin channel associated with the element fire and possesses interior and exterior relationship with the small intestine meridian.

Total number of points: 9.

Starting point: Center of the axilla.

Terminal point: Lateral side of the little finger proximal to the corner of the nail.

Description of Selected Points

Heart Meridian Points

H-5 Tongli (Tungli)

Location: 1 t-sun above the posterior border of the pisiform bone lateral to the tendon of the flexor carpi ulnaris on the ulnar side of the wrist 1 t-sun above H-7 (Shenmen).

Indications: Speech disorders like aphasia, hoarseness of voice, stammering, palpitation, psychosis and other mental disorders, insomnia and painful arm and wrist.

H-6 Yinxi (Yin Hsi)

Location: On the front of the wrist, 0.5 t-sun proximal to the posterior border of the pisiform bone lateral to the tendon of the muscle flexor carpi ulnaris.

Indications: Psychoneurosis, neurasthenia, palpitation, night sweats, angina pectoris and myocardial infarction.

H-7 Shenmen

Location: On the inner side of the wrist, just proximal to the pisiform, bone, in a groove lateral to the tendon of muscle flexor carpi ulnaris. (The medial end of the most distal wrist crease on the anterior aspect.)

Indications: Anxiety, insomnia, palpitation, hysteria, mental disorders, frequent dreams, hyperhydrosis, alcohol addiction, schizo­phrenia and epilepsy. It is one of the best tranquilising points.

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