Acupuncture Pericardium Meridian

According to the traditional Chinese description acupuncture pericardium meridian is a yin channel associated with the element fire and possesses interior and exterior relationship with the triple warmer meridian.

Total number of points: 9.

Starting point: 1 t-sun lateral to the nipple.

Terminal point: Tip of the middle finger.

Description of Selected Points

P-6 Neiguan (Neikuan)

Location: 2 t-sun above the distal transverse wrist crease between the tendons of the flexor carpi radialis and palmaris longus muscles (Fig. 7.60).

Indications: Thoracodynia and costalgia. Paralysis, poliomyelitis, muscular wasting and myopathies. Brachial neuralgia and carpal tunnel syndrome. Gastralgia, gastritis, hiccup, hiatus hernia, anorexia, nausea, emesis. Palpitation, angina pectoris Hysteria, epilepsy anxiety. Asthma.

P-6 Neiguan

P-7 Daling (Taling)

Location: Midpoint of the distal transverse wrist crease, between the tendons of the flexor carpiradialis and palmaris longus muscle.

Indications: Myocarditis, intercostal neuralgia, tonsilitis, mental disorders, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis of the wrist joint, paralysis, epilepsy and insomnia.

P-7 Daling

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