Angelica Essential Oil

Essential oil of angelica is produced by the steam distillation of the roots or of the seeds.

The oil is colorless or pale yellow and has a strong earthy, spicy fragrance. It is used for its fragrance in the production of perfumes, soaps and cosmetics. It is employed by the food and drinks industries as a flavoring ingredient.

Therapeutically, angelica oil can be used in a variety of ways. It has a strengthening effect on the spirits and can also be used to treat nervous tension, anxiety and stress. It will give a boost to the flagging mind and body when fatigue has set in, particularly if this is stress-induced. Use in massage blends or bathing for this purpose.

Angelica can also benefit the digestive system, combating indigestion and flatulence and boosting a jaded appetite.

The effects of the oil on the circulatory system are primarily stimulating and detoxifying. Angelica also has a diuretic effect so can be used to combat fluid retention.

Angelica has expectorant properties so can be used to treat catarrhal coughs. It will also help to reduce the feverishness that is associated with coughs, colds and influenza.

Used in skin care, angelica oil is particularly good for treating dull, lifeless skin and will also benefit dermatitis and psoriasis, soothing associated irritation.

Suitable methods of use


Warning: Avoid during pregnancy. Not suitable for use by diabetics. Avoid exposure to the sun – may be phototoxic. Otherwise, generally safe to use.

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