Benefits of American Centaury

This plant grows in moist meadows in most of the U.S. It is considered preferable to the European centaury (Erytherea Centaurium) which it closely resembles.

The whole HERB is used and should be collected when in flower. All parts of it have a strongly bitter taste without astringency or peculiar flavor. Both alcohol and water extract its bitterness and its medicinal virtues.

American centaury has the tonic properties of the simple bitters. It has long been popularly employed as a preventive and protective remedy in our autumnal intermittent and remit- tent fevers. The state of fever to which it is particularly applicable is that which exists in the intervals between the paroxysms, when the remissions are such as to call for the use of tonics, but not sufficiently decided to justify a resort to Peruvian bark.

It is useful during a slow convalescence by promoting appetite and invigorating the digestive function, and may be used in dyspepsia and general debility.

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The most convenient form of use is that of infusion made of 1 pt. boiling water on 1 oz. HERB and allowed to cool. May be taken in doses of 2 fl. oz., repeated every hour, or two during the remission of fevers and less frequently in chronic affections. The dose. of the powder is from 30 gr. to 1 Dr. The decoction, extract, and the tincture are also efficient preparations.

This HERB is a positive, diffusive stimulating tonic to the heart, stomach, liver, generative organs, and the nervous system.

In hot infusion, it promotes menstruation and influences a good outward circulation.

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