Benefits of American Columbo

Only one of its genus has been discovered. An indigenous plant, American columbo flourishes in the Southern and West- em portion of the U.S. Because the stem and flowers are produced only in the 3rd year, the ROOT should be collected in the autumn of the second or the spring of the 3rd year. Before being dried, it should be cut into transverse slices.

The taste is somewhat bitter. Water and diluted alcohol extract their virtues.

American columbo is a mild, stimulating, slightly astringent tonic. It is sometimes used as a substitute for the foreign columbo. It has been thought to resemble it in medicinal properties as well as in appearance hence has received the popular name of American columbo.

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The fresh root is said to operate as an emetic and cathartic, and is sometimes taken for this purpose.

Its chief influence is expended upon the alvine mucous membrane as a tonic, and it is therefore useful in cases of weak digestion and diarrhea, especially in children. It promotes appetite and aids digestion.

In gastric ulceration and gastric catarrh, American columbo is one of the most valuable and most reliable.

Combined with uterine remedies or vaginal tonics, it will expend its influence on these organs and is useful in prolapsis uteri, uterine and vaginal weakness, and ulceration.

An infusion forms an excellent vaginal wash for a weak vagina, prolapsus uteri, and leucorrhea. Also for aphthous sore mouth.

A good tonic for possible miscarriage can be made as follows: American columbo 3 oz., true unicorn root 2 oz., 1 oz. each of golden seal root, squaw vine (mitchella) and orange peel. Simmer in 3 qts. water for 1/2 hr. Strain and take 1 wine-glassful 3 or 4 times daily. This can also be used for foul leucorrhea.

American columbo is an excellent tonic in typhoid fever, and if troubled with diarrhea, it will give good results.

It may be taken in powder or infusion. The dose of the powder is from 30 grains to a drachm. The dose of the infusion, made in the proportion of 1 oz. of the bruised root to 1 pt. of boiling water, is 1 or 2 fl. oz., to be repeated several times a day. The fluid extract may be used.

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