Benefits of American Gentian

Indigenous, the American or blue gentian grows in the grassy swamps and meadows of North and South Carolina.

The dried root has at first a mucilaginous and sweetish taste, which is soon succeeded by an intense bitterness, approaching nearly to that of the official gentian. Alcohol and water extract its virtues. The tincture and decoction are even more bitter than the root in substance.

This gentian is recognized by the medical profession as having similar medical properties to the foreign gentian (Gentiana Lutea), and may be used as a substitute for it in the same doses and preparations.

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Used principally in dyspepsia and cases of stomachic and general debility.

May be taken in powder 15 or 30 gr. or substituted for foreign gentian in the preparation of the official Fl. X, infusion, wine, and tincture.

For other uses see Foreign Gentian.

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