Benefits of Balmony

Balmony, a native of North America, grows in the damp soils all over the U.S.

Its virtues are imparted to water or alcohol.

Where a torpid liver is involved, babnony is one of our finest tonics. By its influence, it arouses gastric and salivary secretions, and by its effect upon the biliary and fecal discharges and in cleansing the system of morbid secretions of bile, the whole assimilating organism is toned up, stimulating the appetite and toning the stomach. It may be freely used in atonic conditions. In dyspepsia, debility, chronic jaundice, and constipation, it is very useful. Where there is much depression, add balmony to alteratives.

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Combine with butternut in cases of constipation for better results. In dropsical conditions, with chronic hepatic and gastric torpor, combined with diuretics, the tonic properties of balmony will be extended in the direction of the kidneys.

Balmony has long been considered a certain remedy for worms in children and for stomach worms. An infusion of I oz. to 1 pint boiling water can be taken freely in wine-glass doses.

For irritated and itching piles, use an ointment made from fresh balmony leaves.

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