Benefits of Cascara Sagrada

A tree growing on the shores of the Pacific. An old Indian remedy, it was called by them “sacred bark.” It should be one year old before using. The BARK is the official portion. The taste is persistently bitter.

Its range of influence includes the stomach, liver, gall ducts, and bowels, specifically the lower bowels. In habitual and chronic constipation where the lower bowel is at fault, cascara will influence peristaltic action, also in torpor of the stomach and liver and in chronic dyspepsia, and is especially helpful where hemorrhoids or piles are found.

Where a gentle laxative is needed, take small doses of fluid extract from 20-25 drops 3 times daily.

Where prompt action is desired on the lower bowel, take fluid extract 1/2  to 3/4 Dr. and then smaller doses 3 times daily until the desired result is obtained.

Many laxatives and cathartics lose their effects if taken frequently. This is not so with cascara. The fluid extract is used to a great extent and represents the bark fully.

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