Benefits of Catnip

Catnip is a common garden plant. Its odor and taste is mint- like and strongly aromatic. It gets its name from the fact that cats like to eat it and roll themselves in it.

It is claimed our early settlers taught the American Indians how to make catnip tea, and that it has remained a favorite with them. They claimed it brought on sound and restful sleep.

Though considered for many years a good remedy for children, its usefulness is by no means limited to the troubles of children. It is, however, a very important remedy in children’s colic, restlessness, nervous irritability, and fevers.

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An injection of the infusion of the HERB will speedily over- come convulsions in children, also in restlessness and colic. Just sweeten an infusion and inject 1 C. at body temperature. The colic will be eased, and a restless child will be quieted. This injection is also very beneficial in hysteria and nervous headache.

In invagination of the bowels, use a strong infusion as an injection. Use constantly, possibly 2 or 3 gallons, until relieved. It is claimed there is nothing better.

A hot infusion, through its influence upon the circulation, will produce perspiration. The addition of a little ginger will intensify the effect. It will be useful in colds, soothe the nervous system, relieve irritation, and increase the menstrual and urine flow.

In feverish colds, taken hot upon retiring, it will induce peaceful sleep.

For fevers with depressed or low vitality, the following is considered an excellent compound: catnip, pleurisy root and lobelia herb 1 oz. each, composition powder 1/2 oz., all in fine powder. Mix well together. Place 1 t. in 1 C. boiling water, sweeten, cover, and allow to stand a few minutes. Take 1/4 C. warm every 3/2 for an adult and children in proportion.

This herb is considered of some use against barrenness.

Legend tells us that a tea made from the leaves of catnip gives courage to the timid and makes the weak strong.

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