Benefits of Chickweed

This plant, considered a curse by many gardeners because of its creeping and twining among other plants, is worth its weight in gold.

It is a good nutritious food which can be eaten raw as a salad or cooked the same as any other vegetable. The seeds provide food for the birds and poultry. Its taste is slightly saline, with no odor.

In all chest troubles, in inflammation of the lungs, bowels, or stomach, bronchitis, asthma, in the bleeding of the lungs or bowels, in peritonitis and in other internal inflammatory conditions, chickweed is highly recommended boiled, eaten, and the water drunk freely. It has an extremely soothing and healing influence.

It is of value in debilitated conditions, anemia, consumption, and rheumatism. It is claimed that consumptive people and children suffering from malnutrition will quickly gain strength if this herb is used as a food.

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In blood poisoning, the decoction taken internally and a chickweed poultice applied locally, is said to be very effective.

Chickweed will give good results in external applications. In swollen testicles, tumors, all external inflamed surfaces, sores and skin diseases, eruptions and irritations, make a strong decoction and wash the partsĀ  affected with it twice a day, at least, and apply chickweed ointment. It is a valuable and reliable remedy. It can also be taken internally at the same time.

The fresh leaves have been used with good results as a poultice in indolent ulcers.

In erysipelas, no matter how bad the pain and swelling, boil a handful or 2 of chickweed and bathe the surface every 1/2 hr. and apply chickweed ointment. Within a few hours, the pain and the swelling should be relieved.

The ointment is said to alleviate the burning and itching around the genitals.

The ointment is made as follows: 1# fresh green chickweed, 132# leaf lard or vegetable shortening, 2 oz. bee’s wax. Cut the chickweed, add other ingredients. Cover and render in the oven 3 hrs., then strain. When cold, it is ready for use.

Chickweed may be used fresh or dried; in powder, decoction, infusion, poultice, fomentation, or in ointment.

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