Benefits of Clivers

Clivers is a plant common all over the U.S. It has an impleasant odor, which is lost when dried, and has an acidulous, astringent, and bitter taste. Cold or warm water extracts its virtues.

Clivers influences the kidneys and bladder, and thus is excel- lent in gravel, scalding urine, and irritation at the neck of the bladder. In the suppression of urine and obstruction of the urinary organs, it increases the urine, relieves the irritated bladder and urethra, and in the inflammatory stage of gonorrhea, it relieves the irritation and soothes the nervous system.

In acute gonorrhea, take from 1/2 to a whole fluid oz. of the fresh juice every 4 to 6 hours.

The expressed juice is useful applied to sore nipples and sores. It exercises great control over diseases of the skin. Tablespoon doses of the expressed juice can be taken 3 times a day.

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A tea made from this herb is considered good for the dropsy, not only as a diuretic, but also for its aperient properties, as it acts mildly upon the bowels. It is equally useful in cases of scrofula, and long standing ulcers. Take 2 oz. of the expressed juice 3 times a day and apply a poultice of the green herb.

It is quite a solvent of stone in the bladder and has been used as a specific in scurvy.

In hot infusion, this plant may be used to good advantage in fevers.

It should, when possible, be taken in infusion. The infusion, hot or cold, of 1 oz. to 1 pt. boiling water is taken frequently in wine-glassful doses.

It is a very powerful diuretic and therefore should NOT be used where there is a tendency to diabetes.

A permanent red dye is obtained from the roots of clivers.

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