Benefits of Cubebs

Cubebs are native to Java where it grows luxuriantly in the woods and which furnishes much of the cubebs for commerce. They are not cultivated. The fruits or berries are called tailed pepper and also Java pepper after the port from which they were originally shipped.

The odor of the berry is agreeably aromatic; the taste warm, bitterish, and camphorous, leaving in the mouth a peculiar sensation of coolness, like that produced by the oil of peppermint. The unripe FRUIT is used.

Cubebs gradually deteriorate by age, and in the state of powder become weaker, in consequence of the escape of some active volatile ingredient. They should always be kept whole and pulverized at the time of using them.

Cubebs are gently stimulant, influencing the mucous membrane, especially the urinary organs. In hot infusion, they usually excite the circulation, increase the heat of the body, and promote the flow of urine, to which they impart a peculiar odor. They are said to give rise to a sense of coolness in the rectum during the passage of the feces.

There is no evidence that they were known to the ancients. They were probably first brought into Europe by the Arabians. They were brought into notice as a remedy in gonorrhea and have

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been found very efficient in this complaint. This application of cubebs was derived from India, where they have long been used in gonorrhea, gleet, seminal weakness, and leucorrhea. The following is excellent: Simmer 1 oz. white pond lily and 32 oz. American mandrake in 1 quart water for 15 min., then pour on 1 oz. cubebs. Cover till cold. Strain and take 2 to 4 T., 3 or 4 times daily. It is a grateful stomachic and carminative in disorders of the digestive organs.

They will be found most safe and effectual in cases of inflammation of the mucous membrane of the urethra and are best taken in the form of powder of which the dose is 1 to 3 drachms., repeated 3 or 4 times daily.

They will manifest quite an influence in the mucous membrane in cleaning up discharges of the urinary organs, and in scalding urine they will be found useful.. The berries may be crushed and 1/2 t. taken in 1/2 C. cold water, 3 times daily.

Their use is NOT best in ACUTE inflammatory conditions, but excellent in chronic conditions as gleet and cystic catarrh.

In cystic and nephritic congestions and chronic inflammatory conditions, cubebs are sometimes combined with copaiba.

In nasal congestion, cubeb berries can be added to any tobacco mixture used for smoking.

The oil may be used in doses of 3 to 10 drops in sugar or in capsule form.

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