Benefits of Culvers Root

Culvers root is a native of the U.S. and grows throughout the country. The best (medicinally) is grown where there is limestone.

The ROOT, which is the part used, is gathered in the fall of the 2nd year. The taste is bitter and yields its active properties to boiling water.

Culvers rt. ranks high as a mild, persistent and reliable relaxant to the liver. Its influence is, to a very large extent, manifested upon the liver tubuli; it therefore assists the secretion of bile but not the excretion through the gall ducts. It can be used internally or externally.

The cathartic action is slow. Large doses must be given if a physic is desired. Preparation of the green root in decoction is more cathartic than the dry.

While culvers rt. is not a pure cathartic, its influence being of a relaxing nature, it will be manifested upon the whole alvine mucous membrane; relaxing and dislodging viscid alvine accumulations.

If nauseating to the stomach, make a pad of equal parts of culver rt. and cayenne and use it externally over the liver.Moisten occasionally with the Fl. X or the tincture. An equal portion of bitter root may also be added.

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Culvers rt. influences the small intestines somewhat definitely and has been much used in typhoid, diarrhea, and dysentery. Where the liver is not active enough in typhoid, typhus, bilious, remitting, rheumatic, and other fevers, it is invaluable.

In chronic constipation, in cases of hepatic failure, and in. acute febrile conditions, although useful alone, it is best to combine culvers rt. with a cholagogue, and in jaundice this must always be the case, especially if the gall be somewhat solidified.

The following will influence both the secretory and excretory functions of the liver: simmer 1 oz. each culvers rt. and American mandrake in 1 qt. water for 20 min. Strain hot on 1/2 oz. ginger. Cover, strain, and take from 1 to 3 T. 3 or 4 times daily.

A good hepatic tonic is made as follows: all Fl. X, culvers rt. 4 Dr., golden seal 1/2 Dr., Gentian 15 drops, syrup ginger sufficient to make 4 oz. Take 1 t. doses from 1 to 4 times daily.

In torpor or congestion of the liver, the following may be taken in capsules once or twice a day: Mix together 1 Gr. each culvers rt. and American mandrake and 1/2 gr. each of bitter rt. and cayenne.

The Fl. X has been much used in recent years and may be taken in doses of 1/2 to 1 fl. Dr. The decoction is made by steeping 1 heaping t. of the root cut in small pieces into 1 C. boiling water for 1/2 hr. Drink 1 C. during a day. Doses of the powder is 1/5 to 1 Dr. or 15 to 20 Gr.

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