Benefits of False Unicorn

False Unicorn is also known as fairy wand, studflower, and falsely called blazing star and devil’s bit. False unicorn grows in the moist woodlands and meadows of the south, east and midland states.

Its taste is bitter and inodorous.

False unicorn ROOT is one of the best and most positive stimulating tonics to the uterus and ovaries. It is also a good general tonic, including the mucous membrane. In cases, where the stomach rejects almost all else, false unicorn will frequently be well received. It is, therefore, useful in pregnancy and gastric troubles.

It is however in uterine troubles that it is most useful, also in prolapsus uteri, barrenness, uterine atony, leucorrhea, relaxed vagina, hemorrhage, excessive menstruation, sterility, threatened miscarriage, and spermatorrhea, weakness of the reproductive organs, or when conditions exist where a stimulating tonic. is needed; equally strengthening and toning to the generative organs of either male or female. It has been used with good effects in impotency of the male.

In cases where a pregnancy would NOT be desirable, do NOT use false unicorn. On the other hand, it is excellent as a preventative of miscarriage, even after pain is prominent and hemorrhage has made an appearance.

It is also of service in atony of the kidneys, albuminaria, Bright’s disease, diabetes, enuresis, bladder, urethra, and in gleet.

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Helonin (Fl X) in 5 to 10 grains doses may be used with much advantage in Bright’s disease.

In cases of diabetes, the following will be found very valuable in that it decreases both the quantity of water and of the sugar; equal parts of false unicorn and balmony in infusion and taken as required.

The tonic properties are very useful in the treatment of dyspepsia and for expelling the stomach worm.

As a stimulating expectorant and tonic to the bronchi, add spikenard.

False unicorn is best taken in small doses 3 to 6 times a day, but in cases of threatened miscarriage. Fluid X may be taken in doses of from 5 to 10 drops in water every 15 min. to 1 hr.

The following, it is said, will insure against any unnatural complication during pregnancy and to secure prompt and easy delivery. Take about 2 mos. prior to delivery, if troubled and delicate. If needed, it may be taken more or less all through the pregnancy: take every night, 1 gr. helonin (Fl. X) and 1/4 gr. black cohosh.

Helonin (the fluid X) is considered the best preparation and represents the root quite fully.

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