Benefits of Garden Hollyhock

This plant grows in gardens all over the U.S. Its name is derived from altheao—meaning “to cure.”(Garden Hollyhock)

The WHOLE PLANT is used. The medicinal properties of the garden hollyhock is similar to the marshmallow, it is often substituted for it and may be used for the same general purposes.

It is not quite as mucilaginous as the marshmallow, but has a more pronounced influence upon the kidneys, bladder, and the whole urinary organs.

In chest troubles, where irritated surfaces need an emollient and demulcent, it is very soothing to the mucous membrane.

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In inflammation of the bladder, tenderness or sensitive conditions of the prostate or neck of the bladder, it will be found excellent.

In gonorrhea, the following combination is recommended: golden seal, witch hazel, hollyhock or marshmallow. The golden seal should be used in excess in the primary stage and the witch hazel should be used in excess subsequently. In irritable coughs and colds add spikenard and wild cherry and in diabetes, add false bittersweet.

Excellent used as a gargle in swollen tonsils and in relaxation of the uvula.

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