Benefits of Golden Seal

It is claimed the American Indians first used golden seal as a tonic. It is also called yellow root because the root is of a beautiful yellow color and used by the Indians as a dye.

It is found in the woods in the U.S. The ROOT must, however, be 4 years old before taking it up for use. It is intensely bitter, somewhat unpleasant to the taste and has a most disagreeable odor. It is, however, most reliable.

Golden seal has been well-named the “king of tonics” to the mucous membrane. It has been a popular and useful remedy since 1820. It is a positive and permanent stimulating tonic. Its influence, though primarily applicable to debilitated conditions of the mucous membrane, extends to all parts of the body wherever it may be required.

It is legible for combination with almost any other remedies where a tonic is needed. It can be made to especially influence the stomach, bowels, respiratory organs, urinary tract, or generative organs by combining it with remedies which especially influence these parts.

Combined with squaw vine (mitchella) its influence will quickly manifest itself upon the organs of generation; with butternut, it is a powerful intestinal tonic; combined with gravel root, the kidneys will soon feel its influence, and with comfrey, it gives tone and vigor to the respiratory organs.

It is very useful in the vomiting of pregnancy.

Golden seal is one of the very few remedies which will tone and sustain the venous circulation. Its special function with the liver is its tonic relief to the portal circulation; hence its action upon the right side or the venous side of the heart. With hepatics, golden seal will influence both the secreting and excreting functions of the liver.

It is extremely useful in disordered states of the digestive apparatus, in dyspepsia, gastric catarrh, gastric irritation, and gastric ulceration. It will improve the appetite and aid digestion. In cases where the gastric membrane is clogged with congestion or catarrhal mucus, in weak or debilitated stomach, especially where there is nervous disturbance, take golden seal in small and frequent doses. It will also assist in overcoming constipation with hard dry stools.

In female troubles it is unexcelled. Witch hazel may be added as required. The infusion is a most efficient vaginal douche in leucorrhea, and can be used daily in uterine ulceration. Also a good wash for inflamed or sore eyes and ulcers in the mouth.

A very fine golden seal tonic is made by boiling together 16 oz. golden seal, 100 oz. water, and 28 oz. glycerine down to 114 oz. Strain and bottle.

A very fine tonic that will stimulate, sustain, and tone the spinal nerves is made as follows: infuse 1 oz. golden seal, 3/4 oz. hops, and 1/2 oz. skullcap in 3/2 pts. boiling water. Cover till nearly cold. Strain and take freely from a wine-glassful 3 times daily. This may also be compounded in powder form and filled into #4 capsules and taken 2 or 3 capsules every 2 hrs.

In the eruptive diseases such as smallpox, measles, etc., where there is much itching and burning of the skin, and in scarlatina to prevent the scales spreading from the patient, wash with FE golden seal 1 oz. and 9 oz. linseed oil. It will bring relief.

A decoction of golden seal used as a wash in smallpox will allay the itching, relieve the nervous system, and so tone the new cuticle under the postules as to greatly lessen the danger of pitting. It may be used several times a day upon the face and hands. Follow each application with a light dressing of sweet oil.

Adding glycerine forms a good wash in gonorrhea.

Golden seal will give good service in erysipelas, ophthalmia, sore mouth and throat, eruptive and syphilitic sores.

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An infusion of golden seal may be used daily for ulceration. It may be snuffed up the nostrils for nasal congestion or catarrh.

In grandular opthalmia, with ulceration of the cornea, the following will be of decided value; infuse 1 oz. golden seal, 1/4 oz. lobelia herb, 20 gr. cayenne in 1 pt. boiling water. Cover till almost cold. Strain and use as a wash. In some cases it may be preferable to use the powdered gum myrrh in place of the cayenne.

Golden seal is one of the finest remedies in powder form for the treatment of irritable chancres and buboes and in treating Up ulcers in syphilis. Used as follows it will give every satisfaction: all in powder; 4 dr. golden seal, 1 Dr. myrrh, 5 gr. cayenne. Rub well in mortar and fill the ulcer several times a day.

The decoction, fluid extract, or tincture is a good local application for ringworms.

In purchasing the fluid extract, there are 2 kinds offered for sale: the ordinary fluid extract and the colorless. For washes and injections, the colorless preparation would prevent the staining of the linen, yet for general use it is inferior and does not contain all the therapeutic value of the root.

Golden seal can be used in infusion, decoction, fluid extract, or substance. The fluid extract has been much used in recent years but the fresh root is preferred.

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