Benefits of Gravel Root

Gravel root grows in low grounds from Canada to Virginia across the U.S.

The ROOT is the official portion. It has a bitter, aromatic, and astringent taste, and its virtues yield to water by decoction or alcohol.

Gravel root is one of our best herbs in many urinary troubles. It influences the kidneys, bladder, and uterus; relaxes and gently stimulates and tones the pelvic viscera. It has become popular because of its beneficial influence in deposits of brick dust and gravel. It is claimed, by some, that bad cases of gravel have been cured by this plant alone. Some claim that dropsy has been cured by this plant.

In febrile conditions with scanty urine, either with or without the brick dust deposits, it is a very fine remedy. In bloody urine, painful or scalding micturation, prostatic, especially irritated prostatic troubles, irritated urinary tract, in spermatorrhea, acute and chronic gonorrhea, urethral, uterine and vaginal irritations, aching back and general pelvic weakness, it is a valuable remedy. Large doses, by its influence in toning the mucous membrane, cause a casting off of sediments that may have settled on the surfaces. It is often noted that after using gravel root, quite a deposit is seen in the urine. It is because of its use in gravel that the common name of gravel root has been given to it.

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It is very soothing to the kidneys and gently toning by relief of irritation and increasing the flow of urine. In these respects it is one of the most reliable remedies.

By increasing the elimination of solids in the urine, it is at times useful in acute rheumatism. In the depressed state of typhoid it should be combined with stimulating remedies such as cayenne and juniper.

A good combination in pelvic troubles is made by simmering VA oz. gravel rt., 3/2 oz. golden seal, 1 oz. squaw vine (mitchella) m 5/2 pts. water for 20 min. Strain and take 3 T. 3 times daily. This is also a nervine tonic. In the suppression of the menses, it is splendid and always safe. It needs to be given in large quantities, but always leaves a toned condition.

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