Benefits of Ground Ivy

Ground ivy is a common wild plant with a strong aromatic odor and a bitter, acrid taste.

From the time of the Anglo-Saxons, ground ivy has figured conspicuously in domestic medicine. The HERB is used.

It is a gently stimulating tonic to the mucous membrane, especially that of the kidneys and of the respiratory tub-uh. Also useful in kidney diseases, indigestion, the liver, and in cough and pulmonary troubles generally. The secements all, more or less, feel its influence. Added to cough syrups it is of much value to persons inclined to be bilious.

A wash made from ground ivy is useful in severe skin eruptions of’long standing.

Where expectoration is too free in chronic bronchitis and phthisis, ground ivy will be found useful.

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For a tumor, abscesses, gatherings or other sores, use a poultice of the following: 2 oz. ground ivy, 1 oz. each camomile flowers, and fresh yarrow.

An infusion of the leaves is very beneficial in lead colic (poisoning ) , and painters use it as a preventative.

A hot infusion influences the circulation toward the surface and sustains the nervous system.

The herb infused in wine is considered an old remedy in sciatica.

The infusion is made with 1 oz. herb or leaves steeped in 1 pt. boiling water, taken in wine-glassful doses. Covered till cold, strained and sweetened with honey, it may be taken liberally as a cooling beverage.

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