Benefits of Hemlock Spruce

This is the hemlock spruce of the U.S., growing mostly in the elevated or mountainous regions.

The bark is much used for tanning purposes. By incising the bark, the tree yields a heavy black pitch or hemlock gum only used as an ingredient in plasters. It is usually incorporated with oils.

The INNER BARK is frequently used in composition powders. It is rarely used alone. It is often used in infusion as a wash in leucorrhea, buboes, ulcers, especially rectal ulcers, hemorrhoids, hemorrhage and diarrhea.

It makes an excellent gargle for sore mouth and spongy gums.

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A good suppository is made for hemorrhoids as follows; all in powder, 2 oz. hemlock spruce, 1 oz. ea. golden seal, wheat flour, boracic acid, and bayberry bark. Mix together and add sufficient glycerine to form suppositories of the size desired. Insert one at night. Rectal pain will be quickly relieved.

The LEAVES are more stimulating and less astringent. In hot infusion they will rel’eve colds and dysmenorrhoea. Used in hot fomentation, it is valuable for sprains, rheumatism, and inflammations. DO NOT USE if constipated.

The OIL of hemlock is obtained from the LEAVES and is more stimulating. It is useful as an addition to liniments. It is NOT taken internally.

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