Benefits of Motherwort

In Japan, this plant is called “herb of life.” A member of the mint family and originating in Europe and Asia, motherwort has become naturalized in the United States as well.

It has a peculiar aromatic, not disagreeable, odor and a slightly aromatic bitter taste. It yields its properties to water and alcohol.

Motherwort is a very useful PLANT and a pleasant and a very excellent tonic. In cases where the lumbar region and the pelvis are troubled in tardy menstruation, it will tone the generative organs and quiet nervous irritability, gently promoting the menstrual flow and toning the uterine membrane. It should be given in warm infusion.

A hot infusion promotes a good outward circulation. It is useful in amenorrhea and in dysmenorrhea when congestion is present and in hysteria and palpitation when more or less chlorotic.

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For the chlorotic, who have some scrofulous or other impurity of the blood current, the following will be useful—all Fl X —motherwort and burdock seeds 1/2 Dr. each, prickly ash 1/2 Dr., yellow parilla 2 Dr. in 4 oz. simple syrup.

Motherwort is NOT the proper remedy for the pregnant nor for those given to too free menstruation. It is useful in cases of after-pain when the lochia is quite scanty.

A cold infusion is a gentle heart tonic in heart diseases or weakness and in recovery from fevers. In delirium and nervous excitement attendant upon fevers, it will quiet the nerves and promote a restful sleep.

Its tonic properties are serviceable in gastric and intestinal indigestion; improving the appetite and assisting digestion. In these conditions, the following is often effective: motherwort and dandelion Rt. 1 oz. ea., golden seal Rt. and centaury 1/2 oz. ea., ginger root 1/4 oz. Simmer in 3 pts. water down to 1 qt. Strain and take 3 T. 3 or 4 times daily.

In simple vaginitis, motherwort has been used as a vaginal douche.

The infusion is made by steeping 1 oz. herb in 1 pt. water and taken in wine-glassful doses.

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