Benefits of Oregon Grape

Also known as holly-leaved barberry, it grows principally in California. The taste is bitter, and the plant has no odor. (Oregon grape)

Oregon grape ROOT is of much value in impurities of the blood and most skin diseases, particularly of the chafy and scaly kind, in eczema, and in scrofulous conditions.

Excellent in the treatment of syphilis cases and other blood diseases affecting the genitals.

Oregon grape’s influence to the alvine mucous membrane is mildly cathartic. In chronic constipation, combine with cascara sagrada for good results.

As a tonic hepatic, it influences the fiver, particularly in chronic conditions.

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In tubercular trachoma use, all FE, 4 Dr. each Oregon grape 54 and bugle weed, 2 Dr. prickly ash bark and 4 oz. queen s delight—dose 1 1. 3 times daily.

A simple infusion is made by steeping 1 t. root in 1 C. boiling water. Strain and take 1 T. 4 times daily.

Oregon grape may be substituted for golden seal.

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