Benefits of Queen’s Delight

Queen’s delight is a native of the U.S. and grows in the pine barrens from Virginia to Florida. When wounded, it emits a milky juice.

The ROOT is the part used. The taste is bitter, acrid, and pungent; the odor is unpleasant. It should be used after being gathered as age impairs its medicinal property. It yields its virtues to water.

It is a good alterative and is useful in obstinate cutaneous affections, skin diseases, eruptions, rheumatism, scrofula, impure conditions of the blood, ulcers, scurvy, syphilis, secondary syphilis, and eczema either in infusion or decoction but usually in combination with remedies of less stimulating nature. It is best adapted to chronic cases.

It has a stimulating influence upon the alvine mucous membrane and the glandular system. It can be taken where a stimulant is needed for the liver and in some cases of constipation, it is of value.

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A good liniment for sore throat is made as follows: all in oil, queen s delight and lobelia 2 Dr. each, cajuput and eucalyptus 3 Dr. each, alcohol 3 oz.

In large doses, queen’s delight is emetic and cathartic. The oil should NEVER be used internally.

The simple infusion is made of 1 t. root infused in 1 C. boiling water. Drink 1 C. cold tea during the day.

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