Benefits of Santonica

Originating in Russia, santonica is called “Levant wormseed” in Europe.

The seeds or unexpanded flower buds are used. It has a very strong aromatic odor and a very bitter, disagreeable taste. It contains a volatile oil in which its virtues reside.

From early times, santonica has been used as a remedy for worms. The old Arabic doctor of medicine used it. It can be used for tape, round, or seat worms, especially for round or stomach worms. There seems to be a difference of opinion among herbalists as to which worms santonica would prove effective.

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The vermifuge action is due to the presence of santonine in the flowerheads. When extracted, it becomes a white crystal, almost tasteless, which is largely prescribed for children with worms. A dose of from 1 to 2 grains in 1 spoonful of water, given night and morning for 3 days and, if needed, followed by a cathartic, will frequently bring away the worms as a mass of mucus. Some take a cathartic in the morning after a dose of santonine at night, while others require no cathartic. It is a strong gastric tonic.

An injection made as follows is generally effective in a few days for pin worms: make a solution of 3 or 4 grains of santonine in water and inject once or twice daily.

Enuresis is sometimes caused by stomach or pin worms. Santonine will relieve this condition.

Santonine, in a few hours, might color the urine quite yellow.

Levant wormseed must not be confused with the proper (U.S.) wormseed (Chenopodium Anthelminticum).

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