Benefits of True Unicorn

True unicorn is found in almost all parts of the U.S. growing in fields and about the borders of the woods.

It is intensely bitter, the bitterness being extracted by alcohol. The decoction is moderately bitter, but much less so than the tincture.

In small doses the ROOT appears to be simply tonic and may be used advantageously for similar purposes with other bitters of the same class. The powder may be taken in a dose of 10 grains.

The ROOT is a good general tonic, but is especially useful in female troubles. May be taken in all cases of debility in small doses. In dysmenorrhea, it will assist in restoring normal conditions, easing the pain and toning the uterus. In menorrhagia, it will relieve the excess flow. Much that has been written of false unicorn applies to this article. It may safely be given during the whole of the pregnant state, where called for. It is an excellent and perhaps the best preventative of miscarriage, and is an excellent preparatory parturient.

In sterility, barrenness, and impotence, it has been used with good results, sometimes within a few weeks. In difficult cases, however, it may be continued for some months. In dyspepsia or when the stomach is upset in pregnancy, if taken in small doses twice daily, it will afford relief.

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True unicorn is NOT to be used where frequent pregnancy is undesirable. In such cases use squaw vine (mitchella) instead. These two, together, form a good female tonic.

Another good female tonic can be made with 4 oz. ea. true unicorn, black haw bark, and wild yam root, and 1 oz. squaw vine (mitchella). Simmer in 1 qt. water 20 min. Strain and take 2 or 3 T. 3 times daily.

A good nervine tonic in depressed and irritated conditions is made with 2 Dr. ea. of FE true unicorn, FE cramp bark, FE skullcap, and FE wild yam in 4 oz. simple syrup.

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