Benefits of Vervain

Vervain is a native of the U.S. It grows wild and is also cultivated in many gardens. The taste is bitter and the odor slightly aromatic, when the HERB is rubbed.

It is a very powerful sweating HERB and as such is advantageously used in the early stages of fever. In coughs and colds, a warm infusion (sweetened if desired) taken at commencement will often drive out all congestion overnight. If the stomach needs a thorough cleaning, a warm infusion of vervain and pennyroyal taken every 1/2 hr. in 1/2 C. doses will be serviceable. Stay in bed and keep warm while taking it. Large doses are emetic.

The infusion, taken cold, is said to make a good tonic. A cold preparation of vervain is excellent in convalescence from fevers and other debilitating diseases.

The warm infusion, while manifesting its influence in an increased capillary circulation, will be found very soothing to the nervous system in such nervous troubles as delirium, sleeplessness, nervous headache, fits, and convulsions.

It also has a reputation in worms. Take the juice, with sugar, freely for 3 days.

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In sick headache, the following is considered a very fine remedy. Pour 1/2 pts. boiling water on 1/2 oz. each vervain, skullcap, and wahoo bark, and 1/4 oz. syrup of ginger. Cover and let stand till cold. Strain and take 2 T. every 3 or 4 hours. In chronic cases, take 3 times daily for some time.

For spleenitis, mix together elix vervain 2 oz. and 1 oz. each elix. boneset and elix. prickly ash. Take 1 T. every 2 or 3 hrs.

For a good tonic hepatic, mix together 1/2 oz. each syrup of vervain and syrup of balmony and 1 oz. syrup of prickly ash.

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