Benefits of Wahoo

This shrub, wahoo, grows in many sections of the U.S., mostly in the woods.

The BARK of the root, trunk, and twigs is used, the root bark being the stronger. It has a bitter, acrid taste and is nearly inodorous. It yields its medicinal properties to water and alcohol.

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It is the slow, persistent, and reliable laxative qualities that have made wahoo a really valuable remedy. For a cathartic effect in habitual constipation, combine 1 oz. FE wahoo with 4 oz. syrup of butternut; dose, 1 t. morning and evenings or evenings only.

It is a reliable bitter tonic hepatic influencing the liver, both in secreting the bile and also in excreting it from the gall cyst. It will induce a mild but persistent flow of bile. It is principally used for this purpose, and this influence is manifested upon the bowels.

Its tonic influence is extended throughout the mucous membrane. In biliousness, jaundice, chronic constipation, especially if due to inactivity of the liver, and skin troubles where hepatic torpor needs reliable help, wahoo can be used with confidence. It improves the appetite and gastric digestion and slowly but persistently relieves cholaemic poisoning.

It is useful in chronic coughs where a torpid liver is largely at fault. It may be added to cough syrups.

For rheumatism, it is frequently combined with alteratives.

In dropsy, it is best combined with milkweed (bitter root) or with some diuretic such as couch grass.

For torpid conditions of the digestive tract, wahob may be added to alteratives. In dyspepsia, it is tonic to the gastric membrane but should be taken in small quantities and in frequent doses.

For a stimulating hepatic, mix 5 dr. FE wahoo, 2 dr. FE culvers roo. and 3 gr. American mandrake in 6 oz. syrup of ginger, dose, 1 t. once to 3 times daily.

A pleasant hepatic is made by adding 4 parts syrup of ginger to 1 part Fl. X wahoo and take 1 t. twice or 3 times daily.

The concentration “euonymin’ is generally used in pill form and in combination with other tonics, laxatives, etc.

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