Benefits of White Horehound

This plant is a native of Europe, but has been naturalized in this country. Although cultivated in gardens, it now grows wild in many places. (White Horehound)

The HERB has a strong, rather agreeable odor, which is diminished by drying and lost in keeping. The taste is bitter and aromatic. The bitterness is extracted by water and alcohol.

White horehound has been popular as a pectoral herb since the discovery of its healing qualities early in Greek and Roman history.

It is a tonic to the respiratory organs and to the stomach. In large doses, it is laxative.

It is one of the most popular of pectoral remedies. Taken cold it is exceedingly valuable in asthma, catarrh, especially wet catarrh, colds, and other chronic affections of the lungs attended with coughs and copious expectoration. Its expectorant properties assist in loosing phlegm.

A warm or hot infusion will relieve the hyperemic conditions of the lungs and congestion by promoting a good outward flow of blood.

It was once considered a valuable deobstruent and recommended in chronic hepatitis, jaundice, phthisis, and various general debility affections.

When the menstrual flow is obstructed by a recent cold, add a little ginger to the warm infusion. Sweeten with honey, if desired.

Excellent in children’s cough, croup, and colds, it will sustain the vocal cords in congestion and hoarseness.

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Horehound is considered excellent for those that have hard livers.

A candy is made as follows: boil 2 oz. dried herb in 3/2 pts. water about 1/2 hr. Strain and add 7/2 # brown sugar. Boil until it reaches the proper degree of hardness. Pour into well greased .flat trays. Mark into squares with a knife as it becomes cool enough to retain its shape. This is considered very useful in coughs, especially for older people and the asthmatic.

Syrup of horehound is made by boiling 1# sugar with the same quantity of leaves until syrupy.

The infusion is made by steeping 1 oz. of the herb in 1 pt. boiling water, adding honey, if desired. Take in wine-glassful doses.

Dose of the powder is from 30 gr. to 1 dr.

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