Benefits of White Pond Lily

This plant is common in ponds throughout most of the U.S.( White Pond Lily )

The ROOT is the medicinal part. The taste is mucilaginous and astringent with no odor.

White pond lily tones the mucous membrane throughout, leaving a soothing effect. It removes morbid matter from the system and lessens mucus discharges.

In bowel complaints where an astringent is needed, in diarrhea, dysentery, and cystic catarrh, the decoction is most useful. Also in catarrh of the bladder and irritation of the prostate.

It is one of the best in poultices for inflamed tumors and sores, and is frequently combined in equal parts with crushed linseed or powdered red elm.

For external applications, the decoction can be used as a lotion for sore legs and sores generally.

In infants bowel troubles, thrush, aphthous sore mouth, sore and inflamed gums, and as a gargle in putrid sore throat and throat irritations, it is very healing.

In pharyngitis, used internally, lily and cascara sagrada in equal parts will clean the mucous membrane, heal and soothe the ulcerations and inflammation.

Very useful in local application in leucorrhea, prolapsus uteri, relaxed vagina, ulceration of the cervix, and gleet. Can be used as a vaginal douche.

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It forms a good wash for sore eyes, purulent ophthalmia, and scrofulous sores.

The powdered root is soothing dusted on chafed and excoriated surfaces and upon irritable chancres and excoriations of the prepuce and vulva.

A decoction of 1 oz. of root boiled in 1 pt. water for 20 min. is taken internally in wine-glassful doses.

White pond lily is NOT the best remedy to use when there is a tendency to constipation.

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