Benefits of Wood Sanicle (European)

An old Italian proverb says: “He who hath self-heal and sanicle needs no other physician.”

Wood sanicle is a native of England. The taste is bitter, astringent, and subsequently acrid with no odor.

It is an extremely useful remedy and extensively used in blood disorders. It is most effectual in cleansing the system of morbid secretions, thereby leaving the blood stream in a much better condition.

It is considered a specific for scurvy and excellent in scrofulous and catarrh conditions. Also excellent for ulcers in the mouth and throat, for which drink and gargle freely a decoction of 1 oz. to 1 pt. Use this also as a gargle in sore throat, quinsy, and to cleanse the throat of mucus.

In external ulcers and running sores, a wash will be useful.

It is also useful in leucorrhea, diarrhea and dysentery, and in inflammation of the bronchi and pulmonary troubles. This herb alone or combined with a little ginger, sweetened and taken in a strong decoction at the rate of 1 pint a day is used with splendid results in pulmonary consumption.

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In ulceration of the lungs and stomach, use the following: simmer 1 qt. water with 1 oz. sanicle and 1/2 oz. each marshmallow root and mullein herb for 5 min. Cover and allow to stand until warm. Strain and take from 4 to 8 T. every 3 hrs.

A hot infusion may be used to advantage in colds with fever, whether of the head or the respiratory organs, and in the fever stage of the eruptive disease, especially in measles.

In scald head, tetters, and other cases of rashes, either the infusion or the decoction used externally is one of the most effective remedies.

The infusion made of 1 oz. of the ROOT or herb to 1 pt. boiling water is taken in wine-glassful doses.

The American sanicle is Sanicula Marilandica.

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