Bergamot Essential Oil

The oil has a sharp and pungent fruity fragrance and is easily extracted, from the rind of the fruit in particular, by squeezing the rind in the process known as expression. This is done mechanically nowadays, although originally it was done by hand. Bergamot 

Oil of bergamot has been used for its therapeutic properties for many centuries in Europe. In Italy in particular it has been used to treat fever and worms. It is also a fragrant and flavor some addition to many food products – Earl Grey tea, for example – and an important component of many perfumes and scented products, in particular, classic eau de Cologne.

Bergamot oil is a powerful antiseptic. In appropriate dilution, it has prove its use in the treatment of many troublesome skin complaints, such as eczema, some of which can be reluctant to respond to other forms of treatment. Stress-related complaints such as headaches and irritability will often respond well to a massage with oil of bergamot in the blend. The effect of the oil is vitalizing and uplifting, soothing tension away without any sedative effect. The pleasant fragrance makes a lovely addition to a blend for a vaporizer.

Bergamot eases problem gastrointestinal spasm and flatulence and gentle abdominal massage can bring relief from constipation and colic. The oil is also detoxifying and is thought to help in the treatment of cellulite when used in massage. In addition to this, when used for bathing, bergamot oil can soothe inflammation and can help alleviate vaginal itching and the symptoms of cystitis. In inhalation or massage, it can be used in the treatment of respiratory infections such as sore throats and bronchitis. Bergamot can also be used in a mouthwash to deodorize bad breath and fight mouth and throat infections, or on the hair to control dandruff.

Suitable methods of use


Bergamot oil should not be used on the skin prior to exposure to the sun – it is photo toxic and can cause pigmentation. If possible, try to use bergapten-free oil which reliable suppliers of essential oils should stock.

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