Five Tips for Everyday Skin Health

Your skin is the most remarkable feature on your body and to take care of it in a gentle, healthy manner, you do what any other person would do- you go to the beauty store. The beauty industry has manufactured vast amounts of glowing, colorful bottles of body butters—each with its own inviting string of words, each proclaiming that it’ll reduce your aging, your sunspots and your dry skin!

Be Gentle

Be Gentle with Your Skin

Constant shaving and make up usage can pack a real punch to your skin cells.
When you shower or bathe, limit your time in the water. If you bathe for too long, your skin begins to lose its important oils that fight back against chemicals and pathogens. When bathing, remember to use warm water; limit your hot water usage.

Also, when choosing soap, use something weak. Strong detergents similarly alter your skin’s oil construction, thus stripping your body’s important fences from your exterior. Find a mild cleanser.

While shaving, always lubricate. Apply lotion, shaving cream, or gel to your skin and always utilize a sharp razor. Contrary to popular belief, you should shave in the direction of your hair’s growth. Be conscious about your towel usage. When you remove yourself from the shower or bath, pat yourself dry instead of scrubbing at yourself. Patting yourself allows moisture to remain on your skin. It allows your skin to further retain oils.

Utilize a natural, chemical-free moisturizer.

Be Careful with the Sun

Be Careful with the Sun

Despite the summertime search for the perfect tan, we all know that sun damage contributes to a wealth of problems: things like wrinkles, sun spots, and skin cancer. Not all skin types can handle the same amount of sun. This ultimate amount of sun is based on your stock of melatonin: if you have darker skin, your body is ready to absorb sunshine. If you have lighter skin, your body cannot absorb as much sun without problems. Regardless of your amount of melatonin, however, it’s best to take precaution.

Always use sunscreen. Your SPF should be at least 15, and you must reapply every two hours. If you are swimming or exercising, you should reapply more often.

Between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., the sun is its most direct and intense. These are not “prime pool hours.” Instead, seek shade beneath pool umbrella or a tree. Enjoy the outdoors, of course, but opt for sunscreen and shade at all times.

Wear proper clothing. Woven cloth should cover your arms and your legs. Opt for a wide-brim hat, as well, in order to protect your face. When doing laundry, utilize special laundry detergent with ultraviolet ray protection. This provides an added anti-sun layer to your clothing.

No Nicotine

Say No to Smoking

We all understand the detrimental effects of smoking on the lungs and teeth. However, smoking rallies hard against your skin. Smoking decreases blood vessel flow in your dermis; therefore, the nutrients and oxygen required in the basal cell layer for cell creation are low. Your skin cells become weak and more susceptible to wrinkles.

Furthermore, smoking damages your dermis’ elastin and collagen. As aforementioned, these layers allow for strength and elasticity. Damaging them contributes to pre-aging. Your skin will lose its elasticity and begin to fall in on itself. You will lose that youthful glow. Quit smoking as soon as possible. Ask your health professional for assistance.

Try to Reduce Stress

Stress’ effects on the body are unlimited. Your body releases a hormone called cortisol when your body feels the “fight or flight response.” This response is, of course, necessary for survival. When you are in danger or closing in on a work deadline, cortisol works to rev your cells. It forces you to respire more quickly and push into immediate action. However, continued stress allows cortisol to become rampant in your system. It begins to work like a free radical, damaging and killing your cells. Therefore, when it arrives in your basal cell layer—where new skin cells are always forming—it can actually damage these cells. When free radicals damage skin cells, the cells begin to die. This contributes to pre-formed wrinkles.

Work through your stress and remember to take the time to calm yourself. Your skin will thank you.

Have a Balanced Diet

Balanced Diet

Your diet affects every part of your body. An unhealthy diet, most notably, creates inflammation in your digestive system. This inflammation creates an inability to leek all the nutrients from the food to your blood vessels. Therefore, your body cannot deliver the proper nutrients to your skin cells; as a result your skin cells do not have the building blocks to become powerful, thriving members of your body’s biggest and most-beautiful defense system.

Load up on fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables allow for healthy digestion and decrease inflammation. Furthermore, they’re filled with phytonutrients that actually decrease wrinkle-causing free radicals in your skin.

In addition, fruits and vegetables are filled with Vitamin C. Vitamin C fights back against the stress hormone, cortisol. As aforementioned, cortisol causes a wealth of problems when chronic stress takes hold of your body. Cortisol increases free radical damage.

Avoid processed sugar like the plague. Processed sugar causes interior inflammation and contains no vitamins or nutrients. It contributes to acne, skin spots, and increased wrinkles.

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