Garlic Essential Oil

Garlic, a member of the plant family Liliacea, is grown widely throughout Europe and is renowned for its antiseptic properties. The plant has been used over many centuries in different countries as a protection against evil. Garlic also has antibacterial and anti-hypertensive properties and is greatly favored as a flavoring ingredient in cookery worldwide, even if some people are intolerant of the effects that it has on the breath. There is no doubt that its consumption is beneficial to the health and if everybody ate it, the disadvantages of its smell on the breath – and in perspiration – would go unnoticed. Garlic capsules, which have all the advantages of large ‘doses’ of garlic but claim to be odor-free, are widely available in pharmacies and health food stores. Cooking with garlic and eating it, however gives much greater pleasure. (garlic oil)

Because of its particular potency there is a little experiment you can perform using garlic that shows the effects of essential oils. Choose a day when you have not eaten garlic for some time. Peel and crush a garlic clove and rub it into the skin of your feet. Wait for an hour or so and then ask someone to smell your breath -remember, the essential oil would be much more concentrated in its effect than this!

Essential Oil

Essential oil of garlic is a powerful antiseptic – possibly the most powerful among essential oils. It is unfortunate, therefore, that its overpowering smell makes its use virtually unbearable. It is just too strong and would never combine successfully with other oils. Aromatherapy is generally pleasant; the introduction of essential oil of garlic to an aromatherapist’s repertoire would make both therapist and patient quite unpopular!


Use of garlic oil renders all who touch it offensive to others. Warning: Not suitable for use at home.

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