Health Benefits of Pennyroyal

Pennyroyal belongs to the mint family. It is a native of Europe but is now a common garden plant in the U.S. The HERB is used. The taste and the odor is like mint.

Its warming influence upon the stomach is very agreeable and sustaining to the capillary circulation.

The infusion will give good results in gas, spasms, colic pains, restless sleep, nervous and cross conditions in feverish children. It will allay nausea and is very useful in menorrhagia.

The hot infusion is a very fine remedy for breaking up colds and feverish conditions. It is considered almost a specific in suppressed or obstructed menstruation, especially when caused by chill or cold.

The hot infusion may be taken freely in eruptive diseases when the eruption is slow in making its appearance. May also be useful as a nervine in spasms, flatulence, hysteria, nausea, and dysmenorrhea in nervous women.

Pennyroyal is considered a specific for sim strokes and for exhaustion from overheating. Give no water to drink and place no ice on the head. A hot fomentation will be useful for sprains and rheumatism. The dried leaves can be used as a food flavoring the same as mint.

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The oil of pennyroyal is considered a preventative against . mosquito and gnat bites. To chase fleas or mosquitoes, strip leaves, put into bags, and sew up. Sprinkle with oil or essence of pennyroyal. Place where needed.

The warm infusion, 1 oz. herb to 1 pt. boiling water, may be taken freely in doses from wine-glassful to 1/2 teacupful and repeated every one or 2 hours as needed. When the herb cannot be obtained, the OIL of pennyroyal may be given in from 1 to 3 drops in a little warm water or triturated on sugar.

Pennyroyal, the same as other mints, should never be boiled because of its rich volatile oil. Always cover closely to prevent escape of the steam.

The American or mock pennyroyal is Hedeoma Pulegioides. The medicinal properties are similar to the European pennyroyal.

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