Hops Health Benefits

This is the common or European hops, now widely naturalized and growing wild in many places in the U.S. Most of the hops consumed in the U.S. are supplied from New England where it is extensively cultivated. It is claimed the English hops are superior to all others.

Besides being important in brewing beer, ale, and porter it is of some ornamental value. The part used in preparation of malt liquors and in medicine is the FRUIT or STROBILES.

Though brittle when quite dry, they are pulverized with great difficulty. Their odor is strong, peculiar, somewhat narcotic, and fragrant, their taste is very bitter, aromatic, and slightly astringent. Their aroma, bitterness, and astringency are imparted to boiling water by decoction, but the aroma is dissipated by long boiling. A better solvent is diluted alcohol.

The activity of hops depends upon a substance secreted by the scales and in the dried fruit existing upon their surface in the form of a fine powder. This substance is called LUPULIN. It is considered official. It is preferable to the hops because of its convenience. The virtues of the lupulin probably reside in the volatile oil and bitter principle, which are readily imparted to alcohol. By boiling in water the bitterness is extracted, but the aroma is partially driven off.

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Hops are tonic and moderately narcotic, and have been highly recommended in diseases of general or local debility associated with morbid insomnia or other nervous derangement’s, sleeplessness, hysteria, and delirium. They have a most soothing effect and will frequently promote sleep in overwrought conditions. An infusion of 1 oz. to 1 pt. boiling water may be take-ii in doses of 2 or 3 T. every 1, 2, or 3 hours as needed. They have some tendency to relieve pain, and may be used for these purposes in cases where opiates, from their tendency to constipate, or other causes, are inadmissible.

The Dominion College claims the FLOWERS are a fine stimulating and relaxing nervine of great powers.

They claim the hops pillow has been used from early days in insomnia and is very effective. Stuffing a pillow with hops and using as an ordinary pillow will soothe and quiet the whole nervous system, allay restlessness, and produce sleep in cases of nervous derangements. Others claim the hops should be moistened with alcohol in order to prevent their rustling noise and to bring out the active principle.

The complaints in which hops have been found useful are dyspepsia, nervous tremors, delirium of drunkards, and in dysmenorrhoea.

The extract is advantageous in allaying the pain of articular rheumatism and neuralgia when taken internally or as a hot fomentation applied on the parts affected.

Fomentations with hops and a poultice made by mixing them with some emollient adhesive substance are often beneficial in local pains and swellings, bruises, inflammations, rheumatism, neuralgia, boils, and gatherings. It is often used alone, and may be combined with camomile, poppy heads, or ragwort.

An ointment of the powder with lard is recommended as an application to sores, the pain of which it relieves when other means have failed.

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Hops also has a reputation in Calculi, are useful in some liver troubles and jaundice, relieving the secements because of a favorable alterative property. They have a relaxing influence upon the liver and gall duct and are very gently laxative to the bowels.

For worms, take 1/2 to 1 pt. decoction made of 1 oz. to the pint, in the morning.

Hops are useful in excessive sexual desire, pruritis, and painful erections in gonorrhea.

Hops may be added to cough syrups for irritable coughs. A flannel bag filled with hops and heated will often relieve toothache and neuralgia. Hops may be taken in substance, infusion, tincture or extract.

An infusion is prepared from 1 oz. to 1 pt. boiling water, taken in doses of 2 fl. oz. 3 or 4 times daily. Good as a general tonic and sedative. The fluid extract and tincture are official.

All the effects of the preparation of hops may be obtained with greater certainty and convenience by the use of lupulin. The dose of this substance is from 6 to 12 gr., taken in the form of pills, which may be made by simply rubbing the powder in a warm mortar until it a quires the consistence of a ductile mass and then modding into the proper shape.

Lupulin may be incorporated with poultices or formed into an ointment with lard and used externally for the same purpose as the hops themselves.

The tincture may be taken in 1/2 to 1 t. doses; the nerves will be quieted and no evil effects will follow such as are found after using opiates.

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