How to Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer And Cleaning Wipes

Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly to best protect yourself the novel corona virus .

  • If you don’t have access to warm water and soap, hand disinfectant is the next best option. Some drugstores have no or only a few disinfectants and cleaning wipes for surfaces.
  • According to a germ expert, you can make your own hand disinfectant and cleaning wipes here.

At first it was face masks. Now hand disinfectant. Items that were not valuable a few months ago are now sought after, hoarded, and fly off the shelves .

You can make your own hand sanitizer and wipes if your local drugstore runs dry.

Insider spoke with Maryam Z. Wahrman , Biology professor at William Paterson University and author of “The Handbook: Surviving in a Germinated World” on just how.

All you really need is alcohol, either isopropyl (grater) or ethyl (for beer, wine, or spirits). As long as it contains at least 60% alcohol You can rub the liquid into your hands, let it air dry, and disinfect it effectively.

“The bottom line is that alcohol is the active ingredient,” she said.

To make the experience a little gentler on your skin, you can moisturize after the alcohol dries. Or add a few drops of aloe vera to the alcohol (as long as the alcohol content is over 60% to ensure that the aloe does not dilute it too much).

“If you drop below 60%, the effectiveness drops dramatically,” Wahrman said.

OregonLive recommends mixing 2/3 cups of 91% isopropyl alcohol with 1/3 cups of aloe vera. You can also add eight to 10 drops of fragrant oil if you want to smell good too.

Ideally, however, you can do without the hand disinfectant and wash your hands thoroughly and frequently. Washing hands that actually removes germs from your skin remains the best way to do it protect against the corona virus and other pathogens.

In contrast, hand sanitizer kills most germs but doesn’t remove them from your skin, Wahrman said.

“Hand washing is the most important first step and you shouldn’t be shy,” she said.

Alcohol is also the main ingredient in the disinfection of wipes

To make your own disinfectant wipes, just take a paper towel or handkerchief, dab it with alcohol (or another solution containing at least 60% alcohol), and wipe the surface you want to clean.

Even before the outbreak of the novel corona virus, Wahrman did this every day on her phone. She also does it with remote controls when traveling.

After cleaning her phone with a handkerchief dampened with alcohol, “it looks good and squeaky clean,” she said, “and I know that most of the germs that I picked up along the way were killed and removed somewhat.”

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