Some Extraordinary Points of Acupuncture

In this section we have described some extra points which do not belong to any of the meridians. Most of them lie outside the path of the traditionally described channels but a few of them like Yintang (Ex-1) lie on the channel.

Some Selected Extraordinary Points on the Head and Neck

Ex-1 Yintang

Location : On the center of the glabella, midway between the medial ends of the two eyebrows. It falls on the governing vessels meridian

Indications : Frontal sinusitis, frontal headache. migraine. stuffy nose, rhinitis, epistaxis, epilepsy, diseases of the eye, mental disorders, vertigo, labyrinthitis.

                   Ex -1 (Yintang)

Ex-2 Taiyang

Location: In the depression about 1 t-sun lateral to the midpoint between the outer canthus of the eye and lateral end of the eyebrow.

To locate the point nicely, one imaginary line is extended from the lateral end of the eyebrow and another along the margin of the lower lid. The spot where these two lines meet is Taiyang.

Indications: Temporal headache, trigeminal neuralgia, migraine, facial paralysis, toothache, acupuncture anesthesia.

                     Ex -2 (Taiyang)


Ex-3 Yuyao

Location: Midpoint of the eyebrow, in the line of the pupil.

Indications: Eye diseases, facial paralysis, frontal headache, frontal sinusitis, ptosis.

Ex-7 Yiming

Location: 1 t-sun posterior to  TW-17 (Yifeng), lies behind the lobule of the ear in the depression between the mastoid process and the mandible.

Indications: Insomnia, myopia, optic atrophy, hypermetropia, night blindness, cataract, tinnitus, deafness, vertigo, otitis media, schizophrenia, occipital headache.

                        Ex -7 (Yiming)

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