Sexual Deficiency Remedy in Arabs: Nafzawi, Omar Halebi, Avicenna

The lust medicines used by the Arabs are different from those used by the Greeks and Romans.The Arabs gave much importance to food in this regard.There are many works about them in the Arab literature.What are these dishes and medications now used in Arabs? Let’s look at these:

Recommendations of Nafzawi

According to Nafzawi, who wrote about this in the Arabs, the main reasons of sexual insufficiency are:

  • Sleeping too much,
  • long travel and
  • cold climate.

Food with acidic food also reduces sexual intercourse. Drinking too much sometimes makes sexual intercourse sometimes impossible. Long-lasting fasts calm the sexual desires. Furthermore, Nafzawi says that in many cases, sexual insufficiency is because men do not like women. This woman is a certain woman. If a man changes the woman he does not like, he also goes through sexual insufficiency. The reason for this disability is spiritual.Such men see their penis extinguished during full sexual intercourse. According to the Arab writer, such sexual inadequacy, as seen in shy people, can also be seen in people who are respectful towards women.Sometimes this inability to see an unpleasant scene or feeling a bad smell. And the idea of ​​jealousy may be sexual inability to the man: The woman is no longer a virgin, and she can also engage with other men.

Nafzawi, after explaining all of these things, it counts lust-enhancing nutrients, medications and externally applied. Nafzawi says in his book: «If you want to have a strong relationship, take the fruit of the gum tree and mix it with honey and oil.You’re so strong in the morning when you’ve had this on an empty stomach.Not only are you strong, you also have plenty of sperm.»  Besides, if the penis is rubbed with the coyote table, the strength and potency of the lust and stamina organs increases.

In another recipe of Nafzawi: Mixed pyrethrum with ginger. After this mixture is mixed with the leylose ointment, the sexual desire increases with the rubbing of the abdomen and groin. This leylose ointment is made of oil and lilac leaves. Leaves are used as constipation and force transmitter.

Again in Nafzawi’s book, fresh peas are mixed with onions and if ginger is sown and eaten with cinnamon, it is written that it increases the strength and might of excitement and sexual intercourse.

Sexual insufficiency in men due to mental premature ejaculation or febrile diseases can be treated. For treatment, they should eat cake and cookies in their ingredients (honey, ginger, garlic, cinnamon, coconut or bird tongue). Cinnamon pepper and other spice dishes can also be easily treated with plenty of food is also Nafzawi says.

Nafzawi divides sexual inadequacy into three groups:

  1. People who refrain from sex for a long time (he likens it to broken needle)
  2. Weak and loose bodies.
  3. Inadequacies from premature ejaculation.


For that, he recommends;

Clove coconut, cinnamon, Adam’s pepper, Indian thistle Laurel tree seed and sunflower flower are taken and all of them are mixed together and crushed in mortar. This mixture is mixed with pigeon or chicken meat, water and drunk in the morning and evening.You should drink water before or after drinking it. The best procedure is to take this mixture with honey.

If sexual inability is caused by body weakness, the following mixture should be used.

Stinging nettle seeds, euphorbia, ginger and cinnamon are mixed with honey.This mixture is eaten when hungry. Since this mixture fights weakness, sexual inability also disappears.

Nafzawi, in chapter 18 of his book, wrote some prescriptions to enlarge male penis. One of these prescriptions is that ginger is mixed with honey, and with this male penis is thoroughly scrubbed. The penis is then washed and dried.

Finally, the 21st and final chapter of the book deals with the question of how to increase the number and severity of sexual intercourse? It answers the question.Every man reads them and gives him great benefits.  Now let’s explain these foods in order:

Whoever eats egg yolks every day, that person becomes very energetic and sensual in sexual relations. Furthermore, the egg yolk is mixed with onion for three days, and it is written in the book of Nafzawi, which increases the lust.

The asparagus is first boiled and then fried in oil and placed on the egg yolk. this recipe is mixed with the spice every day to be eaten as the desire for sexual intercourse increased sexual intercourse also becomes very strong.

Here is another meal that raises lust: Onion is peeled, put in a pot. Spice is placed on it.It is mixed, mixed with egg yolk and cooked in oil. If this meal will be eaten for a few days in a row, the value of lust increase is invaluable.

Camel milk is also mixed with honey, if eaten for days, increases sexual appetite. For those who eat their eggs for several days and eat them with cinnamon and pepper, sexual appetite increases day and night.

According to Nafzawi, the strongest lust meal is: A few eggs will be cooked in fresh butter. This scrambled egg will be mixed with honey and eaten with a piece of bread.

Crush the onion. Mix the resulting water with two-fold honey.Heat this mixture on the stove until the water disappears.Only the honey part remains, so take this from the stove. Leave this part to cool and then save for use.When this mixture is needed, it is mixed with water.This mixture is drunk on the way to bed. Drink only a small amount. This mixture would be effective for about 3-4 hours.

As for soap and cosmetics; beautiful and perfect woman, according to the Arabs, smells good. A woman should always wear odor on various parts of her body. Especially good odors should be applied on the mouth, nose, underarms and chest.

Recommendations of Omar Halebi

Omar Halebi, on the other hand, gave great importance to sanitary measures in the treatment of non-organic sexual insufficiency. For example: To put cold compresses on the penis before sexual intercourse, to make warm showers in the morning and evening, especially half an hour before the contact is very important.

Omar Halebi also gives the following recipe:

  • 15 grams of saffron leaf,
  • 20 grams anise,
  • 25 orange blossoms,
  • 50 dry dates,
  • 4 egg yolks are taken, and
  • 500 grams of fresh water is boiled for half an hour.

This mixture which is boiled in the closed area is lowered from the fire and mixed thoroughly.50 grams of honey and (the blood of two pigeons) are then added. After stirring for 24 hours, the mixture is stirred again several times.Finally filtered. After this medication, two coffee spoons are drunk and continued for a week.

Moroccans eat honey, hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds, butter, sesame, poppies, and finally acorns to increase lust.

The Arabs used henna to increase lust. Henna is good for sexual inadequacies. He put a henna on his fingers and toes and over his head and scrubbed them. The famous Arabic writer Halebi says about Henna: In my own experience, I say. For psychological sexual deficiencies, you will see that you will regain your previous power if you scrub your head and finger tips with henna for fifteen days, both in the morning and in the evening.

One Final Word from Avicenna

Famous physician Avicenna says: Those who are weak in sexual intercourse should drink honey and eat twenty almond and one hundred pine nuts before going to bed. This regimen should be continued for three days.  Again according to Avicenna, if the onion seeds are sieved and mixed and eaten with honey, sexual power increases. Only this mixture should be eaten long before sexual contact.