Historical Mixtures to Boost Libido and Sexual Potency

Normally, a healthy man has more sexual power and more sexual desire and need. For the purpose of preserving this sexual power, mankind has resorted to many remedies since the first ages of history. Young men have tried several remedies to prevent sexual exhaustion because of their overdose and to avoid the onset of old age. For male sexual impotence, he has always searched for the cure, while the woman avoided to be labeled as infertile and applied various remedies.

Ancient Love Syrups

These fears in men and women are spread all over the world, including more in the Orient. Because of these reasons, Orient has become the leader of the cradle of drugs and research as well as the art of cooking.

Mandragora (Ginseng)

Mandragora is the first plant to increase lust. Mandragora, harvest time is found in Europe and America. There is no hard part of this plant. It has a very wide root. The length of the root is up to one meter. The root is poisonous, but this root has entered the composition of many drugs. In ancient times, when people fell in love, they believed that these roots had a magical force.

Mandragora was a precious plant in the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans. The Romans used the root of this herb to make love syrups. The authors at the time stated that this weed blunted the male’s sexual appetite and protected the woman from infertility by making the woman easily. (Mandragora officinarum) belongs to the family of potatoes. This plant is also found in Mediterranean countries. The body is short and has egg-shaped leaves on top. If the root is thin, there are two legs that are thick and forked. Fruits are orange-colored grapes. Due to the effects of emetic, emollient and drugs, this plant is very famous for its use in ancient times. At the same time, this was used in all areas of witchcraft.

According to the superstition of Europe, this plant grows under the death row and in a man hanged, the penis would cause awakening and semen discharge. Mandragora grass was formed from the sperm falling on the ground. According to other beliefs, the man’s urine has produced a similar result.

Satyrion (Orchis)

According to ancient Greek and Roman sex writers, it is the more famous Satyrion plant than Mandragora Grass. This must be the same as the Orchis plant. Orchis, which has been used extensively in the song, has been used as a medication for the fattening of the weak and is still used. As known, Orchis roots are collected in the fall. It is dried and boiled in water. It is then dried again and pulverized. Orchis is a nutritious food first of all because it contains a lot of starch. It is mixed with milk and drink with sugar in most of the countries of the Orient. If the ingredients such as ginger and cinnamon are also put on, it increases the appetite and increases the sexual power of the body. Here, at that time, the sex writers report that a species of Orchis, satyrion, has also raised sexual appetite. Women and men would retreat to their rooms and drink satyrion. Satyrion, when drunk, into the syrup is mixed with cantharides or poppy. Today, if you search hard enough, you may still encounter satyrion in one of your spice store’s dusty shelves. There are also tablets taken orally.

Greek and Roman Methods For Increasing Lust

There are many other methods in the Romans and Greeks to treat sexual insufficiency in men. The ancients mix the forged pepper into the nettle seed and keep this mixture in the drinks to increase the lust. Other than that; Onion, honey, cabbage, eggs and pineapple were among the foods that increased lust. The Greeks also praise shellfish and snail, especially as they characterize the onion as the main nutrient that increases lust. The local massage also raises lust in ancient Greek medical books. The essence of pomegranate tree branches increased sexual appetite.

There are many inclinations of love in those who eat bags of various animals, especially those who eat donkey testicles. Horace has written that bone marrow and liver dryness were among the substances that increased lust at that time. In addition, the intestines of various birds, fish and reptiles were among lust enhancing substances. Even semen and menstrual blood have been used in this regard. The deer’s semen was precious. Furthermore, the wolf and hedgehog penis was used to increase lust.

In the Romans, wine was undoubtedly precious. But they did not neglect the food to increase lust. Onions and snails were one of the leading foods. If we collect all of this: the Romans have attached great importance to the commitment between food and success in love and have paid attention to this.

Perfume for Increasing Lust

In the orient, perfume is a must. They spread the fragrance coming out of the mugwort , the oil and amber coming out of the palm cat, women into their nightgowns, their laundry, their hair, and even their whole body, and thus they increased the man’s lust. The Romans’ perfumes were very famous. Even the perfume shops of the Romans were secret deeds and meeting places for prostitutes. As many customers of cologne and essence entered these shops, they covered their faces in order to hide themselves. For this reason, the perfumes used by the rich layer were special perfumes manufactured in special laboratories. Women or men, who found a good essence, would call this essence in their own names.