Acupuncture Massage Types

There are different ways to stimulate acupuncture points with the use of hand. Therefore, there are various types of acupuncture massages. Putting pressure over an acupuncture point is called acupressure and massaging the point or giving a peculiar type of vibration during the massage is called micromassage or acumassage. In history, before the widespread use of acupuncture with needles, these massages and especially acupressure was more commonly used. Hence, today, the use of these types of massages may be useful if you’re afraid of someone inserting needles to your body. Instead of going to a clinic where needles are used, acupuncture at home with acupressure or other massages may be more convenient if you consider that it may be difficult to take elderly people out of their houses.


Light pressure at the point will tonify the energy while the hard pressure at the point will disperse or sedate the energy. Hard pressure is applied for some time and immediately released after one or two minutes and again the pressure is applied. This method is very good to give fast relief in pain. Slow increase of pressure at a particular point and slow release of pressure will give better results in some nervine conditions and psychosomatic diseases.

A Good Explanatory Video for the Use of Acupressure At Home


By massaging at the point we can either tonify the energy or sedate the energy . Massage is of different types:

  • Tui message with palm and fingers,
  • Na with the heel of palm.deep massage is carried out, and
  • Ning catching or pinching the body points in the hand and giving massage.

With tui we can tonify the energy while with na we sedate the energy and with ning we can reduce the pain very fast by releasing the spasm of muscles.


If biceps muscle is tightly contracted then a few vibrations can be produced in the fingers. While creating these vibrations, slow hand massage is given by putting full force to vibrate the entire body of the acupuncturist, and this will give a micromassage. With light micromassage we can tonify the energy while with deep micromassage we can sedate the energy.

There are many other methods of stimulating the acupuncture points with hand, and one of these is called shiatsu, a Japanese system of giving pressure and massage at the acupuncture points.

With light type of massage circulation of blood is improved and with deep type of massage and pressure spasm of the muscle is reduced as well as due to the increase in muscle tone and release of endorphin pain is reduced.