Tips for Food Combining Foods

Good digestion is vital to good health. It isn’t so much what we eat that is crucial to our health, but what we digest and assimilate. If your food doesn’t break down, it will putrefy, and your body will absorb its own waste before it can be eliminated. Indigestion is an underlying cause of many health problems and can be avoided by not overloading the body with too many foods. Consuming too many incompatible foods can create symptoms such as lack of energy, bloating, flatulence, burping, body odor, candida, fatigue, acidity, or lower-back ache.

Food combining is based on the theory that different types of food require different lengths of time, different enzymes, and different pH balances for proper digestion. It is believed that the body is not designed to digest more than one concentrated food in the stomach at the same time. (Any food other than a fruit or vegetable is considered concentrated.)

The simpler the meal, the better you feel!

Good food combining places less of a burden on your digestive system, which means that ultimately, you’ll have a higher energy level. You’ll also have better absorption and less bloating and gas. Allow time between meals for your system to assimilate and rest. When eating a raw diet, one can be less stringent with food combining principles. For example, leafy greens can be combined with small amounts of fruit, especially when blended. Test the guidelines out and learn for yourself.

Simple Principles for Food Combining

  1. Drink liquids alone or before meals; wait at least 15 minutes before eating.
  2. Do not mix protein and carbohydrates at the same meal.
  3. Eat one type of protein per meal.
  4. Do not mix fats and proteins at the same meal. (Foods such as nuts are over 50 percent fat and require hours for digestion.)
  5. Eat fruit alone on an empty stomach (either thirty minutes before a meal or two-and-a-half hours after) or blended with leafy greens. Fruit digestion is extremely quick but will be slowed down if eaten with other foods, causing fermentation.
  6. Do not mix fruit with protein.
  7. Do not eat acidic fruit with sweet fruit.
  8. Eat melons alone.
  9. Avoid overeating.

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