Tips To Get Rid of Body Odor the Natural Way

Long, long ago, humans could sweat, go through hormone changes and not bathe for weeks, and nobody minded the smell. In fact, our pungent scent was one of the ways we attracted the opposite sex.
Today, research shows that the way you smell matters more to the people around you than any other physical aspect, including the way you look. But that doesn’t mean your wife will think your sweaty odor after you mow the lawn on a hot summer day is sexy.
With the arrival of running water, deodorant soaps and chemical antiperspirants, our tastes have changed.
Most people can take care of body odor with a good daily bath, antiperspirants, deodorants and clean clothes. If you practice good hygiene and you’re still not happy with the way you smell, you may be ready for stronger measures.

Some Tips

First, get feedback from a friend. Do you really smell bad, or do you just think you do? Does your body odor really smells like poop? Some people’s noses “hallucinate.” It doesn’t mean you’re crazy; it just means you think you’re smelling something that’s not actually there.

Next, ask your doctor about your odor. Body odor can be a side effect of a drug you’re taking or a sign of a serious disease.
If bacteria or fungus is causing your body odor, your doctor may be able to prescribe antibiotics to help you.

Take a look at your diet.Garlic and onions are, of course, the biggest food offenders. The smell can drift from your skin hours after you’ve eaten them.
Some people get a fishy odor when they eat eggs, fish, liver and beans. These foods are high in choline, which produces a substance called trimethylamine. Some people can’t metabolize this substance properly, so they give off a funny smell when they eat certain foods.

Try some natural astringents. The author of the book 30-Day Body Purification suggests bathing or rubbing with certain herbs which work to close the pores of the skin. These natural astringents are witch hazel, arnica lotion, calendula and coriander extract. These herbs may also help fight odor-producing bacteria.

Find odor-fighters in your kitchen. Dabbing lemon juice under your armpits or powdering with cornstarch or baking soda should absorb some odors.

Powder away foot odor. Having problems with foot odor? Dust your feet with cornstarch each morning before putting on your socks. Change socks and re-powder your feet midway through the day.

Mind your minerals. Some people have improved the way they smell with mineral supplements. Make sure your daily multivitamin contains calcium, magnesium and zinc.

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