Yoga – Knee and Thigh Stretch

With this exercise for the knees and thighs you can feel the stretched and firmed areas immediately. This movement, which allows the knees and legs to bend outward, is important because it is a stretch seldom performed during the course of an ordinary day’s activities. The knees are greatly loosened and the thighs firmed. The physical structures of individuals vary greatly and while some people can place their knees very close to the floor almost at once, most students find themselves quite tight in the muscles, ligaments and tendons of the inside of the legs and thighs.

Progress in this exercise is generally slow, but here again it is the practice, not the extreme position, which is important. If the knees will move only a few inches toward the floor the sedentary worker will find this a most delightful feeling because tension is removed and revitalized sensation follows. Remember to bring the heels in as far as possible and to remain erect throughout the exercise. Do not slump. This exercise is also a very good indication to many people of how tight they have become in certain key areas of the body. Stiffness usually comes as an unpleasant surprise, but the Yoga exercises provide great hope. Remember that no machine, device or gadget can ever truly work out this dangerous stiffness. Only you, through your own methodical movements, can accomplish this.

How to Do Knee and Thigh Stretch

Extend your legs straight out before you.

Bend your legs at the knees and bring your feet in as far as possible toward you. Place the soles of the feet together.

Clasp your hands firmly around your feet.

Pull up on your feet with your hands and allow your knees and thighs to bend downward as far as possible without strain. Sit erectly and hold your extreme position for the advised number of seconds. Do not fidget, fight or strain.

Relax and allow the knees and thighs to return to the previous position. Remain with your hands clasped around your feet so that you may repeat as advised.

Important Things To Know About Knee and Thigh Stretch

The major objective in this technique is to stretch out the seldom-exercised knees and thighs. You may find your knees quite some distance from the floor in the beginning. However, here again, with patience and practice they will gradually lower themselves toward the floor. It is of no consequence how far you are able to stretch in the beginning.
The stretching itself is the important thing. As you continue to practice this technique, you will find that the ‘spring” returns to your legs and that you can walk and stand without becoming so easily tired. The YOGA stretching postures keep the joints limber and help to avert the painful bone and joint diseases which are characteristics of “old-age”.

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