Yoga – Toe Twist

Here we have a fine strengthening movement for the ankles and feet. The exercise requires real control, and there is a great sense of accomplishment in’ gaining this control. As you raise onto the toes very slowly, you may get your ankles to “crack,” greatly loosening them. It is important that you allow your hands to touch, and that you look only at the back of your hands. Let your arms and hands lead you around to the left. It is most important to make this twisting movement very slowly, since this forces the feet, toes and ankles to work.

At first you will continue to lose your balance but, wherever you fall, just pick up your arms again at that very point and continue the twist from there. Do not laugh at yourself or become discouraged when you lose your balance. Soon you will gain permanent balance in this exercise. Your carriage and posture will be improved and your confidence in having control of your body will be bolstered. When you have twisted to the extreme position, pull in your abdomen and attempt to stand erect with as little movement as possible while you count 5. Then you turn frontward very slowly, making your feet and legs work and keeping your gaze on the back of your hands. If you lose your balance, pause a moment, regain your composure and come right back up, wherever you are, to continue the movement. When you are facing frontward once again, lower your arms and legs, pause and rest for a few seconds, then perform identical movements to the right.

In this exercise you are asked to gain all the discipline and control of a ballet dancer. Take up the challenge and master these movements. It is easy for the body of the sedentary worker to grow lazy and to feel too tired to stretch or attempt to balance. It is absolutely necessary that the sedentary worker overcome the inertia which will otherwise grow and result in less and less activity. Many people think of their bodies as luggage that is attached to them and that they are forced to carry around. But as they practice Yoga the body is reawakened, and they better understand its significance.

How to Do Toe Twist

1. Stand easily with your arms at your sides and your feet pointed slightly outward.

2. Raise your arms stiffly from your sides and stretch them straight out before you at eye level with the hands touching.

3. Raise your body up on your toes.

4. Keeping your eyes fixed on the back of your hands turn the trunk slowly to the left. Go as far to your left as possible without strain, attempting to keep yourself balanced on your toes while your eyes gaze at the back of your hands. Hold your extreme position for the advised number of seconds.

Important Things to Know About Toe Twist

Balance, grace and poise are important characteristics of youth and have a great effect on your appearance and your feeling of self-confidence. This technique will make you as graceful as a ballet dancer and at the same time will strengthen the entire leg through the slow turning to the sides while on the toes. Also, further elasticity of the spine is gained, this time through a spiral stretching movement. This spiral movement has a wonderful “streamlining” effect on the waist and often reduces excess weight in this abdominal area. You cannot expect to succeed in your first few attempts since remaining on the toes is difficult. But within a week you should be well on your way toward regaining this highly important youthful characteristic: balance. You will sense a mastery over your body as you succeed.

Points to Remember When Practicing Toe Twist Yoga Movement

  • Keep your eyes on the back of your hands at all times during this technique.
  • Always stay as high on your toes as possible. Toe Twist
  • Hold your abdomen in and your chest out as you go around to the sides. Try to keep a perfect posture.
  • If you lose your balance at any point in this exercise, do not laugh or show any signs of discouragement. Simply come right back up at the point where you lost your balance and continue the exercise. When you maintain a serious attitude in this work your body will realize that you intend to become the master and will respond accordingly. The body, in many cases, is very much like a child and must be correctly disciplined.

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